2014 has seen a continuation of  the busy 2013 schedule of appraisal, valuation, restoration & repairs , sales & acquisitions on behalf of clients both private & institutional. Appraisal work for Seizures Wildlife Trade Compliance, Wildlife Trade and Biosecurity Branch CITES Management Authority of Australia Department of the Environment, Royal Queensland Historical Society Ethnographic Collection valuation, Private Super Fund Collections valuation, Department of Natural Resources & Mines, Queensland Art Gallery, Queensland Gallery of Modern Art, Queensland Museum, Australian Museum Sydney, Cape York Aboriginal Museum FNQ, numerous Auction Houses & Insurance Companies valuations. Estate & dispute valuation for Law Firms & Clients. Appraisal & valuation under the Protection of Movable Cultural Heritage Act 1986 (the Act). Book Reviews.

Ongoing is the research & catalogue work for a very early large 1870 -90 Solomon Island artefact collection & hundreds of glass plate negatives accompanying the many artefacts from this family collection. Nearing completion are two research publications: Queensland Rainforest Shields & a Pacific paper analysing artefact and other evidence for Fletcher Christian departure from Pitcairn Island shortly after the mutiny on the Bounty against Captain Bligh.

Since 2004 Arthur Palmer  completed a number of record breaking sales of national treasure status to Australian National Institutions & private clients. Appraisal Valuation reports have been completed for several International Insurance Companies, Private Galleries, clients, The National Australian Museum & National Gallery of Australia and the Department of Justice & Attorney General’s Office Queensland.


NEW TRIBAL ART BOOK - Confidential and Commercial in Confidence review copy:
Fine Aboriginal Weapons & Artefacts, by David Petty

During 2008 Arthur Palmer has carried out Valuation and Appraisal Reports for:

  1. The Department of Justice and Attorney-General collection of Artefacts and Fine Art (Magistrates Courts Far North Queensland, Cape York, Torres Strait, Department of Law, Land Courts and Supreme Courts Brisbane).
  2. Consultations New Britain and New Ireland Papua New Guinea.
  3. Appraisal Valuation Reports for Heritage Department, Federal Government Canberra ACT.
  4. Statement of Significance (National Library) for Cape York Museum Collection and Cultural Centre Far North Queensland.
  5. Appraisal and Valuation Reports for private legal firms on behalf of clients involved in artefact litigation.
  6. Independent Appraisal and Valuation Report Assessments of major Auction House Catalogue Lots offered for sale on behalf of private clients.
  7. Probate Valuation and Appraisal Andree Rosenfeld Ethnographic Collection.
  8. Lieut. James Cook RN Tahitian Tapa Waistcoat Comparative Analysis appraisal and valuation.
  9. Royal Queensland Art Society Judge Gold Coast Annual Art Award 2008.

References furnished on request.

Jodie Foster's "Nim's Island" supply of artefacts and tribal dress for film wardrobe and weapons department.

He (Mr. Palmer) prepared detailed submissions, for the Council, based on his own ethnographic and anthropological research, of a standard capable of remaining valid under examination by an informed judicial commission. Mr. Palmer's personality has enabled him to operate in pleasant manner in a generally difficult working environment.

Alex Bishaw
General Manger Northern Land Council
Northern Territory Australia, 1980

His sympathies with the Aborigines are plain and his rapport with them, to my certain knowledge, excellent. I place a good deal of reliance on reports of conditions and attitudes amongst Aboriginal groups, having found them true and accurate for groups that I know well. A professional anthropologist, he understands Aboriginal custom well and writes about it, most intelligently. Above all, I have reason to know that he has been admitted to the confidence of Aboriginal leaders in matters of ceremony and ritual which are not ordinarily open to Europeans. This says a great deal about Aboriginal confidence in his discretion and commitment. He is a good bush companion, brilliant photographer and a graduate in Fine Arts. He speaks well, clearly and to the point.

Emeritus Professor W.E.H. Stanner, C.M.G
Institute of Aboriginal Studies, Canberra ACT
Department of Anthropology
Australian National University, 1979

WEH Stanner Peppi 1978  2

I have known Arthur since 1975 when he first came to the Kimberley (WA) collecting material for the Queensland Museum and the University of Queensland Anthropology Museum. His photographic work is superb.

When Arthur fixes on a subject whether it be Traditional Land Tenure, Material Culture, Art or Flying, he has immersed himself fully into the topic. He is widely read again, better than most anthropologists generally in the literature relating to Aboriginal life. I also know that he has a deep interest in other culture areas of the world and read widely on Pacific and American art and material culture.

Kim A. Akerman
Visiting Curator, Indigenous Studies
Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, 2001

In common with many other researchers who applied their skills working with indigenous groups to win back land in the early years of the land rights movement, Mr. Palmer put his academic research interests on hold. Nonetheless, through out this period he continued to accumulate a priceless ethnographic record, in the form of field notes and photography, of indigenous responses to the changes in Government policy occurring at the time.

Dr. David Ritchie.
Chief Executive Officer.
Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority.
Darwin. Northern Territory, 2001

St Vidgeon ABP   David Ritchie

Arthur brings to his work a pilot's precision which is otherwise rarely evidenced in the field.

Michael B. Owen
Senior Projects Officer
Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Commission, 2001

These photographs (of Arthur Palmers) speak louder than the voice of an Aboriginal figure under a tree or around a camp fire. Only his camera can capture hard time, hard moment. It makes me think of the people in the past, many generations- Aboriginal people today still the same kind of people.

Aboriginals appreciate - will be proud for a long time of these beautiful works of Arthur Palmers. These photos, it's good to see Aboriginals of today and changes of life.

Arthur Palmer and I, we've both worked so hard, been so involved where Aboriginal people are struggling meeting people in areas where they live, to catch them where they are so other people will see what Aboriginal people are doing, to show what Aboriginal people are all about.

A person I have respected for many, many years Arthur Palmer, who has been well loved by Aboriginal people throughout the Northern Territory.

Let the photographs of Arthur Palmer talk to you.

Galarrwuy Yunupingu
Northern Land Council, 1984

Galarrwuy Yunupingu   ABP Peppi 1998   2



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